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Corrective Exercise Course The Biomechanics method

The BioMechanics® Method

Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification for Personal trainers & medical professionals


Online Self Study 


30 Hour LIVE Practical Exercise Session (Cantonese)

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Become The Most Sought After Personal Trainer In Your Community

Highest rated corrective exercise specialist certification in the industry based on independent reviews by verified professionals.

Earn Continuing Education Points From Leading Certification Bodies

Earn 8.0 CECs for ACE, 1.9CEU for NASM and 80.0CECs for PTA Global amongst other providers when you complete the course and pass your exam.

Internationally Recognized Qualification 

Get Certified and Join Specialists in over 70 countries who have the ability to help people eliminate pain and movement limitations so they can continue leading an active lifestyle.

Learn How You Can Support Medical Professionals 

The Medical Community Needs Us!
Work with patients to promote healthy and pain free movements


What clients say...

I had a great experience with my Personal Trainer, who is a certified Biomechanics Corrective Exercise Specialist.


He first conducted an impressive assessment, quickly identifying holistically the causes of my main problem area (neck and shoulders). He took me through a customised corrective exercise program, catered to my context/situation and needs - which was easy to follow, very systematic, and does not require fancy equipment/can be done at home. 


I now have a customized exercise strategy that I can use to release stuck muscles, restore movement, and restore strength balance in my neck and shoulders.

Edwin Lee, Business Owner

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Grow your skills and advance your career in the field of corrective exercise and rehab training. 

Research shows that 90% of people have muscle pain, joint dysfunction and movement limitations that effect their ability to move and exercise effectively. Get ahead of other personal trainers by positioning yourself as an unique fitness professional who can assess, prescribe and program customized corrective exercises for these clients in your community.

Fundamentals of Structural Assessment

Learn a stop by step approach to conduct musculoskeletal assessments for common musculoskeletal imbalances that cause muscle dysfunction, joint discomfort and movement limitations. Learn verbal, visual and hands on techniques for assessing the feet, ankles, lumbo pelvic hip girdle, thoracic spine, shoulder girdle, neck and head.

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Functional Anatomy

Getting proficient in Functional Anatomy is the first step in becoming an effective Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. Understand how the body functions as a single integrated unit of muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments, and fascia. You will also discover how gravity and ground reaction forces change the way your client moves, knowledge that is imperative for designing effective corrective exercise programs.

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The Complete Corrective Exercise Library

Get access to almost 200 self-myofascial, stretching and strengthening exercises including progressions, regressions and alternatives when you sign on for the course. Learn how to perform the exercise techniques and coach your clients using the “tell, show, do” method.

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Corrective Exercise Program Design

Observe the corrective exercise program design process from start to finish. Learn how to develop and use effective communication strategies and observe real-life case studies featuring actual clients using techniques that demonstrate the step by step nature of The BioMechanics Method Process.


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Get Yourself Certified This Year With
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English Online + 18 Hours of Practical Training

54 Hour Cantonese Live Workshop 

April 27th 2022 Intake

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Bulletproof Your Career and Start Working With Medical Professionals In Your Community

  • 要成為私人教練才能參加這課程嗎?
    無需要成為私人教練也可參加此課程。 如果你擁有運動科學相關學位、或你是Pilates教練、瑜伽教練、物理治療師、醫學相關職業人士, 而你又有興趣學習怎樣利用運動方法來幫助客戶處理身體痛楚,我們也歡迎你參加。 詳情可與我們專家交談WhatsApp 9440-6064。
  • 此課程有持續教育積分CEC嗎?
    BioMechanics Methods Corrective Exercise Specialist (TBMM-CES)矯正運動專家國際認證課已經獲得以下CEC認證: 美國運動委員會 (ACE) – 8.0 CEC 全國運動教練協會 (NETA) – 80.0 CEC 美國運動醫學學院 (ACSM) – 80.0 CEC 國家體能協會 (NSCA) – 2.0 CEU (Cat. C) PTA 全球 (PTAG) – 80.0 CEC REPs 阿聯酋 - 40 CPDs(所有課程模塊的總數) Fitness Australia – 37 個 CEC(所有課程模塊的總數) CIMSPA – 40.5 CPD(所有課程模塊的總分) 加拿大運動生理學會 (CSEP) – 15 CPD 國際體育科學協會 (ISSA) – 20CEU 國家普拉提認證計劃 (NPCP) – 12CEC 認證委員會 (BOC) – 32.0 A 類 CEU 弗吉尼亞物理治療委員會 (VBOPT) – 32.0 類型 1
  • What are the requirements needed before I can take my ACE CPT Chinese Language Exam?
    You are required to acquire a CPR & AED Certification and an attendance of 70% in all our live and online classes. If you need to find a provider for the CPR & AED Certification, feel free to contact us at
  • Do you have the ACE CPT Certification Course in English?
    We currently offer the online certification course in English. As a supplement to the ACE Online Course, FAA offers an additional 18 hours of practical training education separately whenever a student takes the ACE CPT Online Certification Course.
  • Do I have to renew my ACE CPT Certificate?
    In accordance with industrial practices, you will need to renew your ACE CPT Certificate every 2 years. The renewal process requires you to take ACE accredited continuing education courses and workshops and accumulate 2.0 CEC points in order to for you to stay at the forefront of the dynamic fitness industry
  • Are there any other ACE Education Partners in Hong Kong?
    Fitness Academy Asia is the only official ACE Education partner in Hong Kong and Macao. For more information, please log on to
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