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Advanced Posture Series
Level 1

1.5 Day Workshop
17 July 9am-5pm &

25 July 2pm-6pm
Hong Kong

Start Changing Lives Today 
ACE Personal Trainer Certification Course 

Sharpen Your Body Reading Skills

Learn how to read the Body as a whole entity and learn a system of body reading skills developed and taught  by one of HK's most popular Osteopath Philip Clarke.

Learn in 8 hours what Philip took years of experience to develop. His accuracy in movement assessment has allowed him to identify and treat difficult chronic pain symptoms that are brought on by movement dysfunction, making him one of the most sought after body workers in Hong Kong. 

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Real Life Case Study Analysis


Learn From Industry Leaders


Analyse, discuss, and apply theory to real Case Studies 
Learn from one of the best talents in the spacial medicine industry

Why Take Advance Body Reading Level 1

Body Reading is the ability to spot physical restrictions experienced by our clients that could alter their movement patterns, cause muscle tightness and tissue restrictions, and over time, result in pain and discomfort. 


Personal Trainers and Movement Professionals who are able to read their client's movement will stand a better chance of restoring optimal movement, alleviating pain, reduce injury risk, enhance performance, and creating longer term positive changes in their clients's bodies. 


The visual assessment skills we learned as personal trainers mainly focuses on the saggital and front planes.

We were also taught to focus on a specific part of our client's posture, looking at local movements and completely ignoring what's happening in other parts of the body.

When we think in this local manner, we often miss the big picture and end up coming to wrong conclusions in our client's state assessment and movement assessment. 


Philip Clark 

D..O. registered osteopath with general osteopathic council, uk

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You Can Learn...

1) Learn the importance of whole body reading in clients and yourself

2) Understand how practicing the skill of body reading can help you work with and take on difficult client cases

3) Develop skills in whole body reading that you can safely apply even with injured clients, children and the elderly 

4) Understand how whole body reading can enhance and complement other assessment skills

5) Develop Skills that will help you understand when text book approaches are working and when they do not

6) Identify important areas in the body that may be the key to deep and lasting change and progress in your clients  



HKD 2,500



Class Details

Date: 28th & Jan & 4th Feb 2023  

Time: 1pm to 6pm

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