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Body Transformation Specialist®️
By Fitness
Edutraining Asia

Starts 22 Sept, 2023
3 days, Hong Kong

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Body Transformation Specialist

Fitness Academy Asia partners with Fitness Edutraining Asia to offer this specialised course to our students in Hong Kong. 

Having a fit physique is a huge driver of choosing to do personal training. Clients seek assistance to achieve their fitness goals in a natural and healthy way through practical and enjoyable strategies.


This course will delve into the principles of muscle gain and fat loss, helping trainers become expert body transformation professionals.

Course Structure

Enhancing Physique

Gain a deep understanding of client expectations and how to help them achieve a better physique through tailored exercise programs and modifications for optimal muscle stimulation.

Science of Hypertrophy & Fat Loss

Learn the latest scientific principles and strategies for effectively promoting muscle growth and reducing body fat, enabling you to design highly effective training programs.

Long-Term Programming

Master the art of long-term programming, covering key phases such as preparation, hypertrophy, fat loss, and maintenance, ensuring sustainable progress and lasting results for your clients.

Female-Specific Considerations

Explore how the female menstrual cycle influences training and nutrition, empowering you to provide specialized guidance and support to female clients for optimal performance and results.

Specialized Techniques

Discover the secrets of building a well-defined 3D gluteal muscle and learn non-competitive posing techniques to enhance overall physique and presentation skills, adding unique value to your training expertise.

Unlock Lasting Results

Transform your clients' lives with a sustainable and systematic approach that guarantees long-lasting results.

This course equips you with the knowledge and strategies to create impactful transformations that stand the test of time.

Elevate your expertise

Enroll now and unlock the secrets to delivering outstanding transformations that leave a lasting impact on your clients' lives. Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a world-class personal trainer!


Embrace the trends

Scientific Expertise

Sustainable Transformation

Expand your client base

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Body Transformation Specialist course objectives

  • Develop practical skills in modifying exercise techniques to maximise muscle tension and stimulate growth.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of muscle group exercise analysis and the role of biomechanics in different types of exercises.

  • Acquire scientific knowledge on hypertrophy, fat storage, and fat loss to optimize training strategies for clients.

  • Learn systematic programming techniques for designing effective training programs focused on hypertrophy and fat loss.

  • Master long-term programming principles, including preparation, hypertrophy phase, fat loss phase, and maintenance, to ensure sustained progress for clients.

  • Understand the influence of the female menstrual cycle on training and nutrition, enabling tailored approaches for female clients.

  • Acquire specialised techniques for building a 3D gluteal muscle, enhancing physique sculpting capabilities.

  • Enhance social media presence by gaining insights and coaching on how to strike better poses, capturing attention and engagement for client transformations.

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Join us from
22-24 September 2023
in Hong Kong

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"No matter the skills and knowledge guidance in the course, or the experience examples shared by the tutor and the students are very helpful to me. The tutor created a harmonious and interesting class atmosphere, so that we can absorb knowledge better in a relaxed learning environment"

Fabian Keet

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Assessment & Course Credits


  • Trainers' progress and learning are assessed by the instructors throughout the course. You may be asked to do hands-on work to demonstrate your understanding
    These evaluations ensure trainers' understanding and application of the course content.

  • Level 1 & 2 : ACE 2.4 CECs , Level 1 & 2: NASM 1.8 CEUs

    Ask us for more information on credits for this course


Course Fees

Original: HK$5,400
Early bird: HK$5,000 (by July 2023)
Bring a friend: HK$4,800per person

Includes 3-day course, teaching materials, certificate

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