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Next Intake - 20th & 27th December 2020

Course Overview / 課程簡介

Are you looking to step out of your comfort zone as a fitness professional and step into the world of a rehabilitation exploring and learning the techniques used by clinicians, therapists and doctors? Are you curios as to why your clients experience pain and how you can bring them out of these symptoms FAST, but most importantly, in the capacity of a Personal Trainer/Fitness Professional? Would you like to receive a recipe of “hacks” and corrective exercises that address pain at its core developed through thousands of clinical hours of trial and testing?

作爲體適能專業人員,您是否想要擴展自己領域範疇,進入康復的世界,探索和學習臨床醫師,治療師與醫生使用的技術?您是否好奇您客戶會感到疼痛的原因?身爲私人教練/體適能專業人員,你是否能以所述身份,讓他们快速擺脫這些症狀?您是否想學習經過數千小時的臨床試驗和測試,解決疼痛核心"小技巧 "和叫整形訓練的方法?

Course Highlights / 課程亮點

 • Learn Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics


• Learn 15 Testing methodologies for pain


• Learn Treatment methodologies and standard operating procedures for 10 most common pain symptoms faced by personal trainers, applicable in a gym setting


• 80% hands on for practical skills acquisition


Course Objectives / 課程目標

​• Study Functional Anatomy and understand why compensations happen, how faulty length – tension relationships between muscles lead to movement deviations that result in pain.


• Learn treatment protocols for over 50 muscles in the human body that are safe and suitable for personal trainers to carry out on the gym floor.


• Learn 15 Testing Protocols to identify common pain symptoms including Lower Back Pain, Planta Fasciitis, Neck Headaches and more..


• Learn treatment protocols for the following most commonly seen pain symptoms:


-        Rotator Cuff Syndrome / 旋轉肌袖綜合徵

-        Frozen Shoulder / 五十肩

-        Neck Headaches / 頸部頭部疼痛

-        Tennis Elbow / 網球肘

-        Golfer’s Elbow / 高爾夫球肘

-        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / 腕管綜合徵

-        Lower Back Pain / 下背痛

-        Sciatica / Piriformis Syndrome / 坐骨神經痛、 梨狀肌綜合徵

-        ITB Syndrome / 髂筋束綜合徵

-        Shin Splints / 脛骨症候群

-        Planta Fasciitis / 足底筋膜炎

• Learn how Dr Trevor gets his patients out of pain FAST! Even faster than the doctors!

向Dr Trevor學習如何讓客戶快速遠離疼痛!甚至快於醫生!

Pre-requisite / 參課條件

​This is a continuing education course for existing fitness professionals who has gained front line experience in personal training, knowledge of exercise science, understand client assessment and programming.


Course Facilitator​ / 課程講師

Steven Chew

CPT, Master Trainer CERF Global/BodyHacks, Founder of Fitness Academy Asia

CPT,CERF Global/BodyHacks授課講師,Fitness Academy Asia創辦人

Course Provider / 課程提供單位


Continuing Education Points / 繼續教育學分


Course Duration / 課程時長

16 Hours (2 Days) 


Examination / 測驗


Learning Materials / 學習材料

Course Manual - English & Chinese

課程講義 – 英文 & 中文

Awards / 證書

Upon the completion of the course, you will be awarded as a Rapid Repair Specialist by Smashwerx

完成本課程后,您將是由Smashwerx所認證的Rapid Repair Specialist

What Do I Need to Bring? / 需要帶什麽?

Pen and Notepad for notes


Language / 語言

English & Cantonese

英文 & 粵語

Price / 價格

Normal Price - USD1500

原價 – USD1500

Special Year End Promotion – USD750 (Before 10th December 2020)

Price Inclusive of 3 eBooks and Video Library highlighting the techniques taught in the workshop


Information displayed above is correct during time of publishing and may subject to change without prior notice



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