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Cancer Exercise Specialist  Advanced Qualification

Hong Kong Live Workshop
+ Online Learning Package

April 25th & 26th (Sat & Sun) 

Get yourselves qualified as a Cancer Exercise Specialist from Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI) and gain valuable experience during our "2-Day Live Workshop" with blended face-to-face teaching and online learning material included.

This program is developed for health and fitness professionals seeking to gain a complete understanding of the entire cancer process from diagnosis and treatment to reconstruction and survivorship. This program was designed to help and encourage fitness professionals to attain a higher level of mastery and work with cancer patients during and after cancer surgery and treatment and into survivorship. 

Why Should You Get Yourself Certified as a Cancer Exercise Specialist in Hong Kong?

  • Increasing Cases of Cancer in Hong Kong and China

  • Exercise is starting to be recognized as an Integral Part of a Cancer Patient’s Treatment and Recovery Journey

  • Become one of the first few Certified Fitness Professionals who understand the entire Cancer Profess from Diagnosis, treatment, to reconstruction and survivorship

Who is suitable for this course:

  • Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Medical Professionals, Caregivers  

  • Fitness Professionals who are working with Cancer Patients, Survivors

  • Medical Professionals require further knowledge and understanding in exercise therapy for cancer patients

  • Friends and family members of Cancer Patients/Survivors 

What you can learn from our 2-Day Face-to-Face Live Workshop 

  • What is cancer? Definition, the genetics behind this disease, and how is it staged

  • Cancer Types and Procedures. Learn the most common procedures used for 15 types of cancer, as well as childhood cancer, and how different surgeries, including breast reconstruction, will impact physical mobility

  • Understand Specific Exercise Protocols for correcting muscle imbalances and range of motion limitations will be addressed that includes exercises for Pilates and Yoga as well as standard rehabilitative exercise protocol

  • Breast reconstruction and Implications for Exercise - Participants will gain an understanding of the breast reconstruction process including implants, expanders, TRAM, LAT, GAP, TUG, and DIEP flap reconstructive procedures and how each of these procedures may affect muscle balance and range of motion.


  • Identification and Prevention of Lymphedema and Exercise Recommendations for Lymphedema Patients - Participants will gain a general understanding of the lymphatic system and how it may be compromised by radiation and surgery. Participants will learn how to develop a strategic exercise program and progression with the focus on upper and/or lower extremity lymph drainage.

  • Neurological Complications experienced by Cancer Patients

  • Benefits and Implications for Exercise for Cancer Patients- The goal of this section is for participants to demonstrate an understanding of a variety of cancer treatments and their acute and chronic side-effects as well as how to minimize or prevent them with the proper exercises

  • Mental and Physical Fatigue during and after treatment - Participants will learn the causes of treatment-related fatigue as well as ideas on how to manage it

  • Understanding a Cancer Patient's Psychology towards Health and Fitness and Managing our own Emotions as Cancer Exercise Specialists

  • Nutrition, Weight Management, Alcohol and its implication on cancer risk

  • Working with Medical Professionals - Participants will learn how to strategically place themselves as the next step in the health care continuum following patients’ release from the hospital or therapy. Participants will learn marketing strategies, self-promotion, advertising, and networking strategies to establish themselves as a Cancer Exercise Specialist and receive medical referrals

  • Case Studies - Participants will address a number of different case studies that include a variety of types of cancer and treatments. They will be asked to identify contraindications to surgery, treatment, and reconstruction, assess lymphedema risk, postural deviations, of motion limitations, and long-term side-effects that can be avoided or managed with exercise and diet. Participants will also address emergency procedures, health history, and medical clearance and establish a comprehensive corrective exercise program for each case study

Continuing Education Points (CEP)

The Cancer Exercise Specialist Advanced Certification allows you to gain Continuing Education Points with the following certification bodies:

  • The American Council on Exercise (ACE) 2.0

  • The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) 20.0

  • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) 15.0

  • The Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN) 14.0

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) 1.9

  • PTA Global 1.9

  • Yoga Alliance 22 (non-contact hours)

Participants will be given 3 months after the 2-Day Live Workshop to finish their online studies and take the Cancer Exercise Specialist (CES) online exam, upon completion with an 80% passing score, will be awarded an official Certification by the Cancer Exercise Training Institute valid for 2 years.

Please contact us via EMAIL or MESSENGER for more details.

Course Details

Date:               25 & 26 April 2020 (SAT & SUN) 

Time:               9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (both days) 

Location:         To Be Advised

Fee:                 HK$ 6,500*

* Enjoy Early Bird Discount:          
HK$ 5,500 (Apply on or before 29th February

HK$ 6,000 (Apply on or before 31st March 2020)