Fitness Edutraining Asia

Making Fitness Education Relevant

Fitness Edutraining Asia Group Sdn Bhd (FEA) was founded in 2017 by Jerrican Tan with June Lee (Operations), Ee Ling (Education) and the team consists of Edupartners and Edutrainers all over Asia.


FEA aims to develop, support & raise the standards of fitness professionals in Asia. They do so by transforming fitness education of international standard into applied knowledge and skills, thus ensuring learning offered is relevant to the career of fitness professionals and matches the need, affordability and language of each respective country in Asia.

FEA believes that Fitness education should consider both science and practicality, learning should be relevant to the job of fitness professionals,  and language should not be a barrier to lifelong education.

Core Values

We put emphasis on Edutraining course and Edutrainer development

Our course content follows scientifically proven internationally accepted guidelines and the course structure is constructed to make it relevant to the career of fitness professionals while course is delivered to ensure learning is simple and fun.

We discover local talents within Asia and coach fitness professionals to become successful edu-trainers as well as to provide them a platform to develop & market their courses

Course fees are made affordable through time efficient learning and elimination of travel cost via locally grown fitness educators.

Our edu-trainers are passionate to help our students learn and they are committed to provide positive, job-relevant and effective learning environment

We work with other health & fitness education providers to expand our course offerings to our audiences

We support the growth of edutraining hosts via course offerings, networking opportunities and marketing platform.

We seek to continuously learn about the unique expectations of each country. Courses are delivered to match the language used in the location/country. We believe language should not be a barrier to education opportunities.

We stand neutral, promote interdependence and respect all industry players including all other education providers.

FEA offers the following courses 

  • Body Transformation Specialist

  • Certified Fitness Practitioner Level 1 & 2

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