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Medical Fitness Specialist

Work with Doctors and other Medical Practitioners in your Community and Start Positively Impacting Lives

Clients with unique medical conditions would require attention from specialized fitness professionals who are more knowledgeable in the medical realm. As the boundaries of fitness and medicine draw closer to each other, Fitness Professionals will be required to work with Medical Professionals more now than in the past, to customize programs and prescribe exercises that are unique to certain medical conditions that can help improve and in many cases, reverse a client’s medical condition. 


By becoming a professional Medical Fitness Specialist, you will be able to:

  • Taken on certain Clients most of the other trainers in your community cannot 

  • Speak the same language and communicate with doctors, specialists, and other medical professionals

  • Understand contraindications that are specific to medical conditions 

  • Train your clients with confidence 

  • Establish your name and personal brand in your medical community  

  • Positively impact hundreds of lives through specific exercise prescription


FAA is proudly collaborating with an internationally recognized specialist to offer a new range of medical fitness certification:


We offer the following courses that help you to become a Medial Fitness Specialist