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Why Choose the ACE CPT Certification for Personal Training in Hong Kong?

When you Google the words “Personal Training Certification Hong Kong”, you will come across the following companies that provide face-to-face certification; NASM, AASFP offering their IPTFA, and ACE CPT. With these and many more online options to choose from, it can be confusing as to which certification to take up.

While the course costs may be a main indicator of choice, other factors may also play a big role, including:

  • International recognition,

  • Preparation for your target customers,

  • Duration of the course.

Here we will explore the American Council on Exercise Certificate of Personal Training, or ACE CPT for short.

What is different about ACE?

The ACE CPT focuses on preparing a personal trainer to take on clients for general fitness from all walks of life and any country, using their Integrated Fitness Model. The program is broad and international and includes topics such as

  • Training for older populations,

  • Teens,

  • Injury,

  • Rehab training.

This certification is internationally recognized, which is clearly important if you are considering applying for a personal training position overseas.

How long is the ACE Certification Course?

The ACE CPT program in Hong Kong is a 54-hour workshop.

Who teaches the personal trainers?

It is taught by ACE-approved Master Instructors who hold university degrees in Sports Related Studies.

What languages is ACE offered in?

The in-person course is offered in Cantonese.

The Online Course is available in English, with 18 hours of in-person classes that focus on developing the practical skill set needed by a new personal trainer. It will prepare you to take on your first clients.

Is ACE accredited?

The ACE CPT is internationally recognized and is a NCCA accredited study program. NCCA Accreditation is considered the gold standard when it comes to certifying professionals working in healthcare, fitness and wellness. While there are many accreditation bodies out there, being NCCA accredited is a name you should be looking out for.

Where is the certification held?

The Cantonese ACE CPT workshop in Hong Kong is currently held in Lai Chi Kok, in classroom style settings for its theory classes. The practical component is at GO24 in a gym setting.

When can I start?

New ACE CPT classes are held once every 2 months for the Cantonese class while students can join its English Online Course at anytime. Practical sessions for the English Course is scheduled once very quarter for registered students to join in.


To register for the ACE CPT course, please log on to for course details, course dates, fees and promotional rates for students and early bird. To speak to our education consultants, please email or whastspp us at +85254401516.


Being a personal trainer can be a rewarding career. Dedicating one’s career to helping people attain their health and fitness goals automatically puts them in a position of a teacher, coach, mentor, and in many cases, a lifelong friend. However to successfully excel at so many roles require multiple skillsets that can only be developed from a strong education foundation – a certified personal trainer education program. Selecting the right one will determine how well you start in the industry.

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