Rapid Repair Specialist

Understand the root cause of pain symptoms and start rewarding your clients with Pain Free living

As a result of modern living, Fitness Professionals will face with many clients who will be experiencing pain that may result from either movement insufficiency, tissue extensibility, or the dysfunction of the central nervous system. As a Fitness Professional armed with rehabilitation knowledge and skills, you will be more than ready to take on the bulk of the general population and the same time distinguishing yourselves from other fitness professionals in your community.

By becoming a professional REHAB Fitness Specialist, you will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of anatomy that is Essential

  • Understand movement patterns and apply movement tests that can be done on the spot, for fault identification

  • Learn how to fix over 20 common issues faced by the general population

  • Take on Clients that other fitness professionals in your community are not capable of

  • Brand yourselves and stand out from the other trainers in your community 

  • Work with Chiropractors, Physio Therapists, and Osteopaths and gain access to clients and patients that were once inaccessible


FAA is proudly collaborating with an internationally recognized specialist to offer a new range of medical fitness certification:

We offer the following courses that help you to become a REHAB Fitness Specialist:

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