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by Rehab Trainer

FAA is the official authorized educator for both the Chinese and English versions.
21-hour in-person course 

Day 1 - July 11, 2024 (Thur) (9am-5pm)  
Day 2 - July 18, 2024 (Thur) (9am-5pm)   
Day 3 - July 25, 2024 (Thur) (9am-5pm)

Chinese Class Date:  (July Class): 

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Rehab Essentials: Course Details

Fitness Academy Asia is proud to collaborate with REHAB TRAINER to offer this course to our students in Hong Kong. 

  • Get the knowledge, skills, and equipment to join the Rehab Team

  • Be able to work more closely with allied health professionals, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and doctors

  • Become more effective and safe in your approach, even if you are already helping their clients with niggles and pains

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Day 1

  • Risk Assessment Practical

  • Shoulder/Elbow Biomechanics

  • The House Renovation

  • Patho-mechanics of the Shoulder

  • Techniques

  • Case Sudies

Day 2

  • Hip, knee & foot Imbalances and Biomechanics

  • Closed kinetic chain movement

  • Activation techniques

  • Progressions

The Top 6 Exercises to Reduce Low-back and Knee Pain.jpg

Day 3

  • Spine risk assessment

  • Functional anatomy

  • FRLBP and Disc pathology 

  • Ab & diaphragm function

  • Loosening procedures

  • Retraining

The Global Standard 

REHAB TRAINER offers quality face-to-face training that leaves students more confident and knowledgeable in dealing with injured clients


Get Your Free Set Of Tools with every sign up for the Rehab Essential Workshop: Posture Pro, Rehab Wand, Activation Tubing. 

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Assess Risk

Loosen areas of the body

Activate inhibited Movements

Prescribe into fitness programs

On Rehab Essentials, you'll learn:

  • The unique R+E+H+A+B protocol, which allows you to blend your new knowledge and skills into your existing training sessions with your clients

  • How to screen a client's injury to assess its "Risk Profile"

  • Understand movement and biomechanics of the body better than most of your P.T. peers

  • New stretching, trigger point, and myofascial loosening techniques

  • The secret of developing Rehab drills with existing equipment in your gym

  • The right way to activate dormant stability muscles to promote safer training and Rehab injuries

  • How to work with health professionals to fix injuries faster and develop a referral base

  • Also, how to effectively use your new Rehab toolbox, including Posture-pros, REHAB Dowel, Activation Tubing, Risk Assessment Cards, and Rehab Records.



Screen your client's injury,
assess the "Risk Profile"

Learn exactly what to do when a client mentions their acute or chronic pain or injury in their spine, lower or upper body

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"What I loved most about the course was its focus on practicing the skills we learned.

I learned new techniques and exercises that allowed me to reach out to clients with chronic pain and mobility issues."

– Sheryl C

With Rehab Essentials You Will Get:


  • Three full days of extensive practical sessions in the gy

  • Posture Pro, REHAB Wand, and Activation Tubing

  • 70% practical, hands-olearning, working on other bodies to experience the techniques in person

  • Unlimited access to Rehab Express Online before and after your course

  • Full and extensive quality course manual in a hard-wearing binder for future reference

  • Digital images for self-promotion as an "Accredited Rehab Trainer"

  • 2.8 credits with ACE, 1.9 with NASM plus 16 CPD with REPS UK, 15 CECs certificate of accreditation with Fitness Australia

  • Risk assessment cards to carry with you on the gym floor

  • Three-month complimentary access to Club Rehab, an extensive and exclusive library of videos and eBooks for Rehab Trainers with sports injury articles written by Australian Sports Physiotherapists, Ulrik Larsen and Chris Mallac with the ability to email any client injury questions to REHAB TRAINER

Course Fees

Original : HK$7200/pp
Early Bird : HK$6500/pp
Bring a friend : HK$6500/pp

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