Our Education Partners

Working With Leading Content Creators Around The World

American Council On Exercise

ACE is one of the world's largest non-profit fitness company offering personal training certification programs alongside continuing education programs for thousands of fitness professionals around Asia and the globe.

CERF Global

CERF Global Focuses on providing the Fitness Professional with the best techniques and treatment methodologies used in the Medical realm in the field of  Pain Management and Corrective Exercise techniques.

Of-Course Online.Com

Tanya Thomson is a leading Pilates instructor and educator who owns this South African Fitness Education Company that specializes in teaching Corrective Exercise, Rehabilitation, and Anatomy to Fitness and Movement Professionals around the world.

Barbell Rehab

Founder Dr Michael Mash works and educates Fitness Professionals in the area of rehabilitation and strength development through both his online and live workshops.

Cancer Exercise Training Institute

CETI is a Gold Standard education institute based in the United States with a track record of having certified thousands of Fitness Professionals in the field of Exercise Oncology.

BodyHacks by SmashWerks

Founded by Dr Trevor Bachmeyer, BodyHacks aims to educate and arm the Fitness Professional with knowledge and skills needed to get rid of pain symptoms - FAST!

Fitness Edutraining Asia

Jerrican Tan is spearheading fitness education in Asian region by transforming fitness education of international standards into applied knowledge and skills that is relevant, affordable and tailored to Fitness Professionals in each country.