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Bodyhacks Express (Chi)

Neck & Shoulders - 15.10.2023
Hips & Lower Back - 20.08.2023
Lower Body - 16.09.2023

Hong Kong

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The BodyHacks Pain Management System was developed by Dr. Trevor Bachmeyer and Dr. Joone Lee, two renowned chiropractors and fitness professionals from California.

The core techniques for
quick pain relief and secrets of corrective exercise were proven to be effective after thousands of hours of clinical trials and collaboration with patients and athletes.
Now, you can learn from

Module 1 - Neck & Shoulders

- Neck headache
- Neck Pai
- Frozen Shoulder
- Tennis Elbow / Golfer's Elbow

Module 2 - Hips & Lower Back

- Sciatica (piriformis syndrome)

- Groin pain

- Hamstring strain
- Hip Impingements

Module 3 - Lower Body

- Knee Pain
- ITB Syndrome

- Shin Splints
- Planta Fasciitis

A step into rehabilitation

Explore and learn the techniques used by clinicians, therapists and chiropractors

Solve pain in as little as 20 mins

Quickly solve body pain and help your clients get rid of long-term pain problems


Practical & easy to follow

Testing methodologies

Physical Therapy Protocols

No Equipment required

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In BodyHacks You Will Learn: 

  • Assessment System
    How to accurately test muscle and nerve defects that cause pain and limit movement performance. Master the ability to observe and interpret subtle changes in movements that may lead to potential functional impairments.

  • Manual Therapy
    Efficient and equipment-free manual therapy techniques that can be performed anywhere. Personal trainers will learn how to address almost any defect or injury discovered during the assessment.

  • Corrective Exercise
    How to use stretching and exercise therapy to restore mobility, balance, symmetry, and movement. Through the integration of these techniques with manual therapy, you have the ability to address any potential problems.


Join us on
30 July in Hong Kong

Module 2:
Hips & Lower Back

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"As a manual therapy sports pain treatment specialist, my patients are divided into two categories: "general pain" and "chronic pain."

BodyHacks course has inspired me a lot. The techniques I learned allow me to focus on quickly relieving patient's pain symptoms, accelerating my assessment of pain and providing treatment methods to clients. And the techniques are applicable to various pain conditions.

I am particularly impressed with BH techniques and exercise therapy. I have two clients with chronic joint pain who have finally received proper treatment, and their activity levels have greatly improved in addition to their inflammation index dropping."

- Ron Cheung,
BodyHacks Rapid Repair Specialist, Sports Therapist 

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"BodyHacks is a great course. One of my clients had a shoulder fracture a few years ago, and he was unable to perform certain movements, such as overhead press, due to pain. So, I used the techniques I learned from BodyHacks on him, and after 6 sessions, he can now train overhead press pain-free!"


– Donald Lee,
BodyHacks Rapid Repair Specialist, Stretch Therapist

Who should take this course? 


  • ACE Personal trainers: Complete all 3 modules (Neck & Shoulder, Hip & Lower Back, Lower Body) within 24 months can receive 0.8 CEUs for continuing education with ACE. This course has been officially recognised. 

  • This course complements previous study or experience in:
    Personal Fitness, Pilates, Physical Rehabilitation, Sport Coaching, Massage, Medical Rehabilitation, and other areas of physical wellbeing. 

    Ask us for more information on credits for this course

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Course Fees

Original: HK$2,300 per module


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