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Learn from the Top Osteopathic Doctor & Movement Professionals


Live in Cantonese / Material in English & Chinese 



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Advance Osteopathic Techniques Customized for Movement Professionals

Corrective Exercise Pro
Advanced Technique 

Strategies for Posture Imbalances in the Transverse Plane

In most personal training courses, we learn about the sagittal and frontal planes of motion. But our clients come to us with postural imbalances that are not limited to these planes. 

  • In this course, we will open your eyes to postural patterns that are not taught by personal training textbooks.

  • We will teach you how to assess these postures, identify muscles that are responsible, and implement corrective exercises to restore neutral posture.

    Your clients will thank you!

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Day 1

Skill Development 

  • Transverse Plane Postures

  • Use movement to confirm findings 

  • Identify key muscles that are involved

  • Release tonic muscles using tools and with a hands on approach.

  • Practice your newfound skills in class with supervision + feedback

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Day 2

Case Studies

  • Learn corrective strategies to use and prescribe to clients

  • Apply your knowledge to real case studies with the guidance of Philip Clarke, Osteopath

Why should you take Corrective Exercise Pro - Advanced Posture Series?


Apart from the general imbalances (such as over-pronation of the feet, knee valgus, lumbar lordosis, thoracic kyphosis and forward neck), we may observe side shifting and rotational compensations.


These may be visually subtle but can cause disruption to  movements required in daily life. 

With this course you will:

  • Build advanced understanding of posture deviations found in the general population

  • Grow your reputation as a movement professional who can take on difficult client cases. 


Learn from industry professionals

See postural patterns

Use tools + manual interventions

get fast results

In this course you'll learn:

  • How to Read Rotation Imbalances in the Upper Body 
  • Assess the Upper Body in 3 different segments and understand how they relate to each other 
  • Functional Anatomy and how to identify the muscles behind rotational imbalances
  • Static and Movement Assessment Protocol for postural deviations in the transverse plane 
  • Corrective techniques using tools and manual interventions 
  • Restore neutral posture by prescribing corrective exercise to your clients

Advance your Corrective Exercise to a whole new level!

Get results as a Corrective Exercise  Professional

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" The course really opened my eyes to postural deviations that was not noticeable before.  As I walk into my office after my class, I can now see that none of my working colleagues have aligned head and neck postures! "


– Kum Yan Ting YT 
- BioMechanics CES Certified Trainer
- NASM Certified Personal Trainer 
- Animal Flow Instructor 

Who can benefit from this course:


  1. Personal Trainers, Athletic Coaches

  2. Movement Professionals – Yoga & Pilates Instructors

  3. Bodyworkers – massage therapist, sports massage therapists, sports therapists

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Course Fees

Original: HK$3,800/pp
Early Bird: HK$3,650/pp (see application deadline)

Bring a friend: HK$3,200/pp

For group registration, please contact us for preferential pricing.

Enrolment is complete when payment received   完成繳費才算報名成

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