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Personal trainer hacks for neck, shoulder, hip and lower body pain

Learn why your clients experience pain and how you can reduce symptoms FAST, in the capacity of a Personal Trainer/Fitness Professional. 


Step into the world of rehabilitation, exploring and learning the techniques used by clinicians, therapists and chiropractors. 

You'll receive a recipe book of “hacks” and corrective exercises that address pain at its core developed through thousands of clinical hours of trial and testing

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Specialize With Our Online Continuing Education Courses

Learn in 2 days what we spent thousands of hours developing

The BodyHacks Pain Management System is the brain child of Dr Trevor Bachmeyer alongside Dr Joone Lee who are both leading Chiropractors in California. As fitness professionals themselves, this fitness continuing education course is a combined result of best practices from derived from the medical and fitness industries. These combination of best practices have been tried and tested over and over in their clinics and have been found to create optimal results over the years of working with patients and athletes. They are now yours to learn...     

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No Equipment

Encorporate BodyHacks into your client's warm up or cool down sessions on the gym floor with just a yoga mat.

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Hands On

Spend 80% of the class learning techniques, stretches, and corrective exercises.

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10 Pain Symptoms

Become the go to person in your fitness establishment for 10 most common pain symptoms faced by the majority of the general population

What To Expect

The BodyHacks Pro Course will absolutely open your minds and expose you to knowledge and arm you with rehab and corrective exercise techniques that are not taught in your Personal Trainer Certification Courses. We believe that fitness professionals are capable of addressing common injuries and alleviating pain symptoms.    

Testing System


Learn how to accurately test for muscular and neurological deficits that contribute to pain and limit performance. Be able to see and interpret subtle alterations in movement and motion that contribute to underlying dysfunction. 

Manual Therapy


Discover manual therapy techniques that are efficient, effective and can be done anywhere without equipment. Our skills class will put the Personal Trainer in a position to help almost any deficit or injury they discover in their assessment. 

Corrective Exercise

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Learn to use stretching and exercise therapy to restore mobility, balance, symmetry and movement. By combining these techniques with manual therapy, you will be able to fix problems that would have 

We have taken the 10 most common pain symptoms faced by the majority of the general public and....

Explained its general causes, outlined testing methodologies, developed physical therapy protocols, and put together a corrective exercise program for the Personal Trainer.   

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Module 1

Shoulder and Neck

Neck Pain 

Neck Headaches

Frozen Shoulder

Tennis & Golfer's Elbow

Next Workshop 12th December

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Module 2

Hips & Lower Back

Lower Back Pain 

Sciatica (Piriformis Syndrome)

Groin Pain 

Hamstring Strain

 Next Workshop 16th January 2022

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Module 3

Knees, Ankles & Feet

Planta Fasciitis

Knee Pain 

Shin Splints

ITB Syndrome

Next Workshop 13th March 2022

Donald Lee Stretching Therapist

I feel BodyHacks is an amazing course. One of my clients had a shoulder fracture a couple years ago and he was not able to perform certain painful exercises such as overhead pressing movements. After 6 sessions with me applying techniques learnt from BodyHacks, he can now train overhead presses pain free!

- Donald Lee,
BodyHacks Rapid Repair Specialist, Stretching Therapist 

Course Fees

HDK2300 Per Module
Application is Successful Upon Payment
Please Contact Us For Group Discount Options

Module Dates
Module 1 - 12th December 2021 1pm to 6pm - Neck and Shoulder
Module 2 - 21st January 2022 1pm to 6pm - Hips and Lower Back
Module 3 - 21st November 2021 1pm to 6pm - Knees, Ankles, and Feet


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