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Dr. Brian Kunakom

Nateropathic Consultant 
Cancer Exercise Specialist


Personal Profile

Dr. Brian Supawut Kunakom is a Naturopathic Doctor at Esperance Integrative Oncology Clinic at Bumrungrad International Hospital in

Bangkok, Thailand. He did his undergraduate training at UC Santa

Barbara and completed his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine training at

Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. 


His reputation includes extensive understanding of the glucose and ketone balance to strengthen the mitochondrial health especially amongst the cancer population. He is distinguished by advanced knowledge of subject matter in integrative oncology medicine treatments including and not limited to lifestyle modification, immune system support, intravenous treatments, and cancer prevention. 


Due to his passion for an active lifestyle, he has also acquired his Cancer Exercise Specialist certification by CETI to ensure safety exercises to his oncological patients, which eventually brought him to join the medical advisory board of the institution.  He is a strong believer in optimizing health via putting effort to solidify the three of the main foundations of health: Nutrition, Sleep, and Exercise.  Patients are usually drawn to their diagnosis and treatments that led them into a mindset of fully relying on their medical treatments without addressing their lifestyle, which limits them from thriving.  By focusing on the process rather than the disease, a learning space is created for his patients to regain their responsibility to prioritize health even when undergoing treatments. 


Dr. Brian leads by example via his consistency in dietary awareness and strength training to inspire everybody including his patients to pursue a better quality of life.

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