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Disclaimer / Terms & Conditions

The following disclamer / terms & conditions are set out for agreement using the online booking system 


By enrolling in this course provided by Fitness Academy Asia Limited,  you (the applicant) acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. The course is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide medical advice or treatment.
2. You assume all risks and responsibilities associated with the course, including any risks of personal injury or property damage.
3. You will comply with all course requirements and instructions.
4. The course provider and its affiliates, employees, and agents are not liable for any damages or injuries arising from your participation in the course, including but not limited to personal injury, property damage, or loss of any kind.
5. The course provider has the right to take photographs and videos during the course for promotional and marketing purposes.
6. You give consent to Fitness Academy Asia Limited to use any videos or photographs taken during the class, which may include your image or voice, for promotional and marketing purposes
7. The course provider will store and handle these photographs and videos in accordance with applicable law.
8. You agree not to make any copyright claims or take any legal action with respect to these photographs and videos.
9. All fees are non-refundable once paid, unless the course is canceled by Fitness Academy Asia Limited.  

通過註冊參加本個人教練認證課程,您(本課程申請者) 確認並同意以下內容:

1. 該課程僅供教育目的,並不旨在提供醫療建議或治療。
2. 您承擔與該課程相關的所有風險和責任,包括任何人身傷害或財產損失的風險。
3. 您將遵守所有課程要求和指示。
4. 課程提供者及其相關聯公司、員工和代理人不對您因參加該課程而導致的任何損害或傷害,包括但不限於人身傷害、財產損失或任何其他損失負責。
5. 課程提供者有權在課程期間拍攝相片和影片,用於宣傳和推廣該課程。
6. 您同意及允許Fitness Academy Asia Limited 使用在課堂上拍攝的任何影片或照片,其中可能包含您的形象或聲音,用於推廣和行銷目的
7. 課程提供者將嚴格保管這些相片和影片,並僅在必要時遵守相關法律法規的規定使用和處理這些資料。
8. 您同意不得就這些相片和影片進行任何的版權主張或其他任何形式的法律行動。
9. 除非本課程因Fitness Academy Asia Limited 原因被取消,否則所有費用一經支付,概不退還

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