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We provide courses & certifications 

for movement & medical professionals

  • Brand New Courses starting January 2023

  • Certifications & Continuing Education Classes (CECs)

  • Fitness in Medicine Programmes, with specialist instructors

Fitness Academy Asia offers ACE Certification and Continued Education in English and Cantonese
for Personal Trainers and medical professionals in Hong Kong, Macao, and Asia.


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We are the official ACE Education Partner in Hong Kong and Macau, one of the world's leading non-profit fitness organizations. We share their mission to get people moving through their own personalized journey.


Find out more about ACE Certified Personal Trainer Courses




Our driver in  corrective exercise and rehabilitation education is  to up-skill the fitness community in Asia.


We aim to open up endless career opportunities for fitness professionals to work alongside our colleagues in the medical industry.


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We believe in the endless potential of a fitness professional to positively impact lives in their communities.


We innovate through our courses with the aim to challenge the medical and fitness industries. We encourage the use of corrective exercise to achieve better outcomes for clients and patients.



                 movement career with us...

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Feb 8th 2023

ACE CPT Live (中)

54 Hours of Theory and Practical sessions taught by our ACE Master Trainers in Hong Kong. This includes 18 hours of practical training that gets you ready for your first client as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. 

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Self-paced learning

ACE CPT Online (English)

Our ACE CPT Online Study Option comes with a 18 hour Practical Training Live Workshop. Add to your your theory training with practical applications that are recent and industry relevant.

Join thousands of ACE Certified Personal Trainers
in the Asia Pacific Region

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If your passion lies in fitness and you feel you can do more to impact the health of others, get Certified and become a Highly Sought After ACE Fitness Professional 

What Our Students Have To Say About Us

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Robert Chan

Most of my clients have above problems and the first thing before starting training i used the hyper blade to release the tissues where they have pain , this will help maximize the flexibility and mobility and minimize their injury level .

The technology behind this tool is simple but yet so very effective. 
My clients feel instant result, This is the tool that all coaches must have . 

I am so grateful to Steve for introducing me to this Hyper blade and to me and to many more coaches about this tool 

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Hyperblade Practitioner

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K W Lee

"ACE Certified Personal Trainer Course covered all the aspects   to become a personal trainer. Each chapter is embedded with abundant info graphics to illustrate complex ideas in a explicit way. Moreover, the application scenarios deepen my understanding by intergrate knowledge into everyday life. Overall, the study materials has equipped me to be a better personal trainer. It gives me confident in starting my career in fitness field."

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Judo Athlete -National Hong Kong Team 

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As a Combat Sport Coach and a Trainer specializing in Strength and Conditioning, I am often faced with students who may not be able to perform at their best capacity due to injuries. It was not until I learnt and understood the concepts of BodyHacks, my coaching sessions began to run more smoothly.

BodyHacks gave me a additional angle to screen my student’s physical condition during their warm up routines and I was able to correct any movement discrepancies or pain symptoms within 20minutes. 

NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Mixed Martial Arts Athlete

BodyHacks Rapid Repair Specialist

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                 movement career & start specializing

Become A
Cancer Exercise Specialist

Specialize in corrective exercise and develop your career, working alongside medical professionals. You can go on to work with doctors, chiropractors and osteopaths to help lead patients out of pain. 
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Online Study + LIVE Practical Training

Cancer patients NEED us. Sign up for 4 Modules of the Cancer Exercise Specialist Certification Program inclusive of a 6 hour Live Practical Workshop with our HK Master Trainers.

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Feb, 2023 LIVE  

Personal Trainers who are also Corrective Exercise Specialist will have the option of working alongside Spacial Medicne Practitioners such as Chiropractors, Osteopaths, and Physiotherapists to restore mobility and strength to patients who are looking ot get out of pain. 


Impact lives where fitness matters most! 

Strengthen and prescribe exercises to Cancer patients

during and after their treatment.


Become A Fitness Specialist
Corrective Exercise / Pain Management / Medical Fitness
Functional Anatomy
 / Cancer Exercise Specialist
Stand Out From Other Fitness Professionals In Your Community

Unlock the human body and achieve pain free movements with

your clients to keep them on track to achieve their fitness goals. 

Our new continuing education courses aim to inspire you to take the next step to 

broaden your skills and knowledge in the field of medical fitness. 

The following courses offer ACE Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

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BodyHacks Express (中)

Nov 27th 2022 Live

Learn how to get rid of pain for your clients in 20minutes! We will go though "hacks" for the lower back and hips that can be done by personal trainers on the gym floor. 

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Myofascial Decompression (中)

Jan 8th 2023 (Sun) Live

Help your clients unlock their neck and shoulders using an age old suction tools accompanied by passive and active movement for faster results.

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Fundamentals (中) 


Jan 16th 2023 (Mon) Live

One day IASTM Course for Personal Trainers. Earn continuing education points with ACE and NASM.

Get Your FREE Hyperblade

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Advance Body Reading Level 1(中/Eng)

Jan 28th & Feb 4th 2023 (Sat) Live

Learn from one of HK's leading Osteopaths and Master Trainers the art of assessing posture and movements.

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Body Transformation Specialist (中/Eng)
體形改造專家 LV1 & 2

Mar 31st - Apr 2nd 2023 (Fri-Sun) Live

Three day workshop that teaches you how to help clients transform their physique with proven methods in exercise and nutrition. 

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Fascial Line Movement Training (中)

Jan 7th 2023 (Sat) Live

Learn how to stretch and contract your client's myofascial lines using multiplanar exercises that promote better movement, mobility and performance.  


Rehab Gadgets 


Education Partners and Course Creators

Fitness Academy Asia works with partners around the world who share the same mission and passion to bring the fitness and medical industries closer together.

Our education partners are leaders and experts in their own fields. We strongly believe that they can continuously add value to our live and online education programs.

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